Program Description


The Creative Arts Corner Theater program is a non-competitive educational program with classes based on the four C’s - confidence, communication, co-operation and creativity.

    Confidence building is key. Participants are encouraged to develop to their own individual potential. At times you may hear us say, “You have crossed your bridge!” which means, you have taken the steps toward overcoming a personal inhibition.
    The ability to communicate with others is a vital tool. Through the Creative Arts Corner of Hudson Valley Theater program, participants learn to express emotions and listen to others and to develop communication skills.
    Working with others, learning to trust others and defining one’s self as a valued member of a group, are all key elements in learning valuable social skills. Co-operation is vital for each and every individual.
    The capability for creativity is in every human being. This relaxed and non-competitive environment allows participants to feel free and explore their own individual sense of creativity. To let one’s mind go and “play” is a wonderful tool that can be applied to all other disciplines.

Exercises to enhance the four C’s are present in each class. They may be based around movement, dance, dance-drama, voice, acting, drama games, music or improvisation. Each class is geared towards a particular age and specific requirements of each group as a whole. Most importantly, this is a process that is gradual, over time. Experiencing the four C’s can give participants invaluable skills, beneficial for interacting within class as well as their personal social environments.

Because this is a non-competitive program, we take pride in our final class presentations. Every student has the opportunity to participate and play a part (even two or three), in order to gain the full creative experience.

See highlights of our production of the Three Piggy Opera!


Class Descriptions


We offer an introduction to creative drama through storytelling, puppetry and dramatization. Learn to act out classic stories as you craft and create your own dialogue and action. Use of a costume box and props in our friendly theatrical environment will inspire each child to explore his or her gifts of imagination.


Creative Arts Corner Theatre I

This class creates a nurturing and safe environment for all children to learn through imaginative play. While maintaining an informal atmosphere, students are introduced to drama through simple theater games, scene study, monologues, improvisation, character development and puppetry. Students may act out classic stories, sing musicals, write original scripts and/or study set design. Optional final class presentation.


Creative Arts Corner Theatre II

One to three (musical director/ director, director/ choreographer, choreographer) teaching artists create a Broadway-style musical production. Sessions run approximately 16 - 32 weeks. Students rehearse and perform songs, choreography, and scenes based on selection of age-appropriate shows. Noncompetitive and competitive casting options available.



How do actors goof around on stage, pretend to struggle and never get hurt? Work with a professional actor, while learning the "silly" secrets of the stage. Experience physical acting and choreograph a live duel! We invite you to learn hilarious comedy routines along with a few slapstick techniques. If you love to laugh, this is the place to be!



Would you like to try out for your school play? Learn foolproof techniques for overcoming selfconsciousness and being comfortable on stage. Find out how to create characters to make your performance memorable while having fun at the same time. Gain confidence exploring and expressing your individuality - on and off stage!


Shakespeare at Play

Children work together to create some of the Bard’s most popular scenes! We will de-mystify the language and explore the relevance of Shakespeare for young audiences. Students engage in storytelling, discuss the text and become a character of their choice. Experience the classics in a new and exciting environment!


After School Comedy Hour

Let us lead you in a laugh-a-minute comedy class. Find out the difference between silly and funny; discover why and when we laugh; and how to surprise your audience. Learn about how to get your audience rolling in the aisles and deliver that punch line! Laughing required.


Just A Quick Reminder!

Since we want the children to experience an atmosphere that is creative and uninhibited, we have purposefully not scheduled any “large scale performances.” We ask that family and friends observe final presentations only.


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