Program Description

Technology is fueling enormous change across our society. It encourages and inspires education, collaboration and community building. Technology also allows for the exploration of an entirely new set of skills. Here at the Creative Arts Corner, every PhotoGarten™ class is unique - each pursuing different goals for children with different needs - here are some key elements in our program:

  • To enhance active learning
  • To promote collaborative work
  • To inspire artistic development
  • To guide students toward confidence in decision-making
  • To encourage self-exploration and the creative process
Photo of the sunset


Class Descriptions

ArtTime™ / PhotoGarten™

For the youngest creative minds, photography is not just about pointing and pressing a button; it’s about self-exploration, fun, creativity and communication. We will introduce the Digital Camera; learn about basic features; explore important decisions such as angle, distance, and focus; and ultimately create a collaborative project. The work will vary, and is dependant on the needs and age group of each class. Students will decide on a topic, create or assemble a collection of items related to that topic and eventually exhibit the group’s work. Kids, this is your chance to look at the world around you, explore your surroundings and then share your unique perspective!



Let's see... You've got a great idea for a movie. But, how do you turn it into a film? Our workshops and classes teach students to format and edit screenplays, write simple movie scripts, plan for movie production, portray original characters, and produce professional-looking video clips using proper techniques in shooting and lighting setup. Students get to work in small project teams to create short documentary films on subjects related to their studies. CinemaKidz™ provides a powerful way to capture students' enthusiasm for learning, foster creative thinking and enhance the learning experience. Please contact The Creative Arts Corner for more details.


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