Program Description

The Creative Arts Corner of Hudson Valley Inc. provides an original integrated creative arts program that is fun and encourages children to explore, experiment and interact through music and musical theater. The classes maintain a relaxed noncompetitive atmosphere that introduces children to a variety of musical foundations while emphasizing creativity and the development of new skills. The goal is to bring joy and inspiration to the community and beyond - through the means of musical culture and education.


Class Descriptions

Music & Me Playhouse

Students experience a delightful blend of multicultural music and creative dramatics. Children discover sounds from around the world, develop strong aural skills and learn to sing in a variety of languages. Each session inspires children to explore and learn through song, rhythm, musical instruments, creative movement and imaginative play.

Why musical theatre? Musicals are fun! A musical brings together all of the arts in one comprehensive program. Children learn though the exploration of language, voice, character development, movement and dramatic play. Theater experiences help them develop basic physical skills in an understanding of the relationship between their body and the space around them and the imaginative use of voice. Classes enhance natural musical potential, captivate the imagination and build self-confidence. Each year the program culminates in a “mini-musical” presentation for family and friends to enjoy.

Let Music & Me Playhouse™ give your students a musical foundation that will foster a life-long love of the arts while encouraging confidence, communication, cooperation and creativity.

See highlights of our production of the Three Piggy Opera!


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