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Our Mission

The Creative Arts Corner of Hudson Valley, Inc. strives to nurture a non-competitive, child-centered, multi-arts environment. We create a warm, playful and stimulating atmosphere. This informal approach to learning allows for a creative process to develop over time and at one’s own pace. The Creative Arts Corner of Hudson Valley, Inc. aims to guide the community toward:

  • Feeling a sense of freedom in exploring the imagination.
  • Learning to recognize the significance of a creative process.
  • Developing a deeper passion for nurturing creative potential.

Our Philosophy

Creativity is a natural aspect of human development. Every person possesses a unique set of creative and artistic abilities. Creative potential begins at birth and continues throughout life. From the time we are born we utilize all of our senses in attempt to interact with the surrounding environment. If a caregiver watches closely, he/she can begin to recognize their child’s personal style of learning, expression and creativity. Modeling and play are just two examples of how a child may attempt to explore the world.

When The CAC of HV artists and instructors actively participate in a child’s learning process, they give and receive a precious gift - the chance to explore creativity. Working together, they discover what it feels like to share laughter, initiate ideas, experience the simple pleasures of a “creative process.” Here at The CAC of HV, “It is ok to make mistakes; fun to be silly; and exciting to learn through imaginative play.” Ultimately, the incorporation of informal education enables the modeling process to extend far beyond the limits of any classroom.

Our Principles
  • We wish to guide rather than instruct.
  • We choose to contribute rather than perform.
  • We hope to explore rather than accomplish.
  • We strive to appreciate rather than achieve.
  • We encourage the four C’s: Confidence, Communication, Co-operation and Creativity.


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